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The rainiest, bleakest day

A true love for and trust in Jesus Christ sustains in all kinds of
trial. It can make the rainiest, bleakest day become clear and bright.

RELATionship Evaluation.

RELATionship Evaluation

How do you know when you love a person? When you think about them constantly? That’s called infatuation, or obsession. When you bring out the best in each other? That’s definitely a good thing. But at what point does a crush turn to love?

when your motivation for visiting changes from selfish interest to
selfless caring for the other person. When you would stop seeing them
if they didn’t want to see you, not because you were offended, but
because you wanted that person to be happy.

Blind dates

Blind dates? I think I like them. I haven’t been on more than a couple.
But I think it’s fun to try to match my roommate up with a girl I used
to have a crush on (for the majority of my adolescent years). Heh heh.