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Straight Gratitude Month

Warning: This post is not politically correct, but is based on personal faith.  If the title offends you, please consider finding something else to read.  But this post is written with good and loving intentions.

In response to President Obama’s recent proclamation that June 2009 is LGBT Pride month, let’s make July 2009 “Straight Gratitude Month”.  We celebrate the habitually straight and those who have found their “straight gene” later in life.

What this post isn’t about

This post isn’t about discrimination or prejudice.  It’s about a moral belief that we are God’s children, and that God has a plan for us.  That plan includes that a man and a woman should be married as a couple and raise children that know & love their Heavenly Father so they can all return to live with Him someday.  We all have agency, and each have our challenges in life.  Most individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation, have sexual urges that must be kept within the bounds the Lord has set.  For individuals who cannot marry (whether they are LGBT or straight), God requires sexual abstinence.  For those that do marry, He requires complete fidelity.  The Lord’s Law of Chastity is found throughout scripture and the Lord does not change his commandments based on political or social pressure.  God will not hold us accountable for natural feelings we cannot control, but we will have to answer to Him for how we choose to act based on those feelings. 

Those who cannot marry (whatever their reason, be it sexual orientation or anything else) deserve our love and compassion.  Theirs is a heavy cross to bear.  They do not deserve to be ridiculed or treated badly or with less preference in any way on account of their sexual orientation. 

Taking a stand

While we must treat LGBT as God’s children, which they are, we are not bound to endorse or actively support a LGBT lifestyle.  They may choose their lifestyle because God has granted all of us agency just as straight-oriented people can choose their own lifestyle.  But some LGBT overstep their bounds when they ask/demand special preferential treatment based on their sexual orientation, insist on teaching our children in public and even private schools that their lifestyle is acceptable and even that children should experiment to “discover their true orientation.”

I think that most LGBT do not realize that behind all their “rights” movements that they participate in with good intentions lies an evil force with a very carefully laid plan to abuse the freedoms this country and much of the world holds dear by using it to force morally-driven people to accept and embrace LGBT lifestyles in the name of tolerance. 

Beware that the greatest danger of the LGBT agenda may be to our children, who in schools are being increasingly bombarded with an education tilted toward promoting LGBT behavior.  Much of this is done in the name of tolerance or of preventing hardship for children who may have these tendencies.  But pure tolerance, respect and kindness can be taught in many ways besides promoting the behavior.  And perhaps the scariest part of this is that much of this is being done to our children without our knowledge or consent.  And if you thought you had the right to keep your child out of class for a day, better not blink, because some states are already taking away parental rights to keep kids home on days when gay-ed is being taught – if you happen to hear about it in advance anyway.

Vice is a monster of such frightful mien,
As to be hated is but to be seen.
Yet seen too oft, familiar with his face,
First we endure, then pity, then embrace.
  – Alexander Pope (1688-1744)

God, who knows the end from the beginning, has warned us that these times would come through his holy prophets in The Family: A Proclamation to the World (1995) and in Isaiah 5:20 (~750 B.C.).

So what is “Straight Gratitude Month”?

Through the Lord’s prophets we are counseled to beware of pride.  So instead of calling this Straight Pride Month, I’d like to call this Straight Gratitude Month, out of respect for the struggles LGBT have to deal with while holding true to our belief that God designed families to be started with a man and a woman.  We are grateful to be straight because it means following this one commandment of God’s (of many commandments of course) isn’t as much of a struggle in life as it could be.

We will show our gratitude for our straight sexual orientation by wearing a blue shirt if you’re male and a pink shirt if you’re a female each day of the month of July.