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Things That Go!

We set off on Saturday for a little outing to see the Kitsap Live Steamers in Port Orchard.  That meant that we either had to GO around the bottom of the Sound to the other side or take a ferry ride.  We opted for the latter since in our family, we just love “things that GO” and we like spending as little time as possible in the car with Sweet Emily (who doesn’t like being confined Smile).  We took in some great sights as we stood on the bow of the ferry.  Seals on a buoy, jelly fish, gigantic cruise ships at the Port of Seattle, countless sailing ships, and as we arrived in Bremerton, a Navy Ship Yard with several large aircraft carriers!  Wow.  It was beautiful.  I was so busy taking it all in I didn’t get any photographs…

After an hour ferry ride and a couple U turns later we found ourselves at the “depot” where these 1/8th scale steam and diesel engines give free rides to the public.  They are just like the real thing, very heavy, pulling cars loaded with about 20 people, and still getting about 7 mph.  We got a tour backstage with one of the club members and a ride at the beginning and end of our stay.  Luke was in heaven since he spends most of day playing with his train set, pretending his tricycle is a train and watching these guys on YouTube.  His favorite part was watching the “dingers” as the trains crossed the road into the parking lot.  Emily had fun at the playground and got a ride on something that GOES Ribbit Ribbit instead.

We topped our day off with a long car ride home in the hopes that our two very sleep deprived children would GO off to dream land.  Sometimes, despite the soft classical music and exhausting day, they’ll just take turns screaming, and you know… that’s just how it GOES.

Oh, and Emily can ride a tricycle now!  So she is GOing like never before!  My little baby’s not such a baby anymore…