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Turning the page…

Sometimes we spend time guilt tripping or complaining when we could be spending that time and energy doing…hmm..interesting thought.  Maybe I’ll apply it to blogging! 

Recently I sent some pictures to my parents of our kids and they were amazed how much they had changed since they last saw them and it made me really want to commit to posting more pictures and posting more stories because I don’t want them to miss it.  I left my kids for a week once with Grandma and was amazed how different they were when I came back.  They looked older to me, and I felt like I had missed it.  So, this goal is dedicated to the Grandparents, who love so much and yet as much as they want to be here, can’t.  I don’t want them to miss my kids growing up.  Here goes…we’ve got a little catching up to do!

Luke started Joy School a couple weeks ago and loves it.  I catch him singing “I got Joy…I do…do you?” and today I caught him checking himself out in the mirror with his backpack on after which he rode his tricycle around with it on.  He is speaking much more and we’re getting little glimpses into his wonderful mind now and again.   He is a very sweet little boy, ready to kiss it better when mommy has a boo boo.  And will share and hug Emily even though she still gets chased down and belted over the head now and again.  He loves our new home and is often found making mud out front with the hose and gawking at the lawnmower in the garage.

New house 072 New house 044 New house 037

Emily recently discovered language and dress up.  Her favorite word is “yes” but she can even say “can you help me?” and “can you hold this?” much to our delight.  She is often strutting around in various kinds of boots and loves to put on her fairy wings and skirt, with the boots of course.  Although she loves to be “pretty” she loves dirt just as much and would live out in the garden if I let her.  She’s quite the little woman, going from the baby in the stroller to the lawn mower in a matter of minutes.  This busy little garden fairy still takes 3 hour naps some days and is such a good eater, the last to leave the dinner table.   

New house 079 New house 053 New house 009