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Over Yonder in Ohio!

Let’s back track a little to April (yes, I know full well it is June but I’ve been vacationing, procastinating etc etc etc.) SO, back to April.  Our family took a little trip over to “the Ohio” to visit Andrew, KaraLynne and the Mackrory cousins.  Over the course of changing plans several times as to who would go and who would stay (since flying across the country is so not cheap) we were able to find a sponsor to help get our whole family over there albeit on separate flights.  I flew with Emily, and Andrew flew a day later with Luke.

We had such a super time with Andy and his family.  We met little Ruby for the first time – and everyone in turn then met sweet Emily.  The Grandparents were there too which made things extra good.  We went to Lyman’s first soccer game where we all froze our toes off in between the occasional Mexican wave.  I think we all were intent on making sure Lyman knew we were having a great time so he would be convinced it was a good idea to be playing soccer in those conditions :)  What a sport!

The Arnott kids loved being in a real house with a basement full of toys and a backyard full of grass!  And we enjoyed the sunshine, the catching up, and the hospitality of the Ohio Mackrorys.  Oh to live closer….  My favorite picture is of Luke and Emily eating ring pops – Emily the “binkie queen” was in her element as she finally found the binkie to top all the rest – and Luke enjoyed sharing his with her, so precious.  Luke will forever remember the little blue motorbike that he got to ride up and down the driveway.