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Superman Returns

So I watched a prescreen viewing of Superman Returns today. It was alright. The scenes were definitely intense and some thrilling. The scenery and people are much more modern (much more than five years) than they were in the first movies (I only saw Superman I and II). Cell phones and the Internet are popular.  

Unfortunately, so is the family decay. (possible spoiler follows)

Lois Lane has a live-in boyfriend, and they have a kid together. It gets worse. Everyone explains to Superman, including Lois, that “five years is a long time”, and things change. Superman came back to Earth expecting Lois to still be in love with him. She explained with a torn heart that five years is a long time, and she had no idea whether he was coming back.

Well, it turns out that the young kid is Superman’s instead of her Lois’ live-in boyfriend. Hmm… doing the math, I calculate that Lois didn’t wait five years for Superman before hooking up. In fact, she didn’t wait a month. If Lois had a kid by Superman and thought it was Richard’s (her live-in boyfriend), things must have developed awfully fast when Superman disappeared.

It’s a shame how an otherwise great movie can be tainted by modern society’s degrading values.

Ferrets and condos do not mix

So we got a ferret to join us in our little condo that we found on Craigs List.  Although it has had its scent glands removed, and the cage is freshly cleaned, the smell very quickly overtook our home, and we are looking for some family who is already accustomed to pets and their smell to take this sweet ferret home with them.

Lessons learned:

  1. Visit a potential pet in its current environment before officially adopting it. (i.e. don’t have it delivered sight unseen).
  2. Ask for a grace period in which you can return it.
  3. Don’t get a pet when you have just a little space for it, where the smell can build up.