“I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it”. Really?

I don’t know if this phrase pervades outside the LDS culture like it does within it.  It is often embroidered to pictures of Christ.  The idea being portrayed is that life is hard, but it will be worth it because of Christ.

That simple idea is fine, but literally speaking, the saying is false, and its reverse is actually what is true:  Christ did say it would be easy, but he never said it would be worth it.  Think about it.  Can you find a scripture where he does? (literally speaking)

Now, of course Christ believed and taught principles consistent with the idea that yes, of course salvation is “worth it”.  But he also said taking His yoke upon ourselves is easy.  Let’s not get life (which is hard) confused with following Christ (easy). 

And let’s think about these catchy phrases before we allow them to permeate our entire culture.

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