Not-so-scary Halloween pictures; and others

Here are some pictures of us at the ward Halloween party, and a few other random photos of Luke.

This also serves as a demonstration of how to get a slideshow of photos on a blog, so a single post doesn’t have to be so tall because it’s chock full of pictures.  Yay.

So here’s how you do it.  Upload your photos to PicasaWeb using Picasa.  Then look at your online photo album within PicasaWeb and click the "Embed Slideshow" link on the left.  Follow the instructions and copy the HTML code into a blog post.  And you’ve got an instant photo slideshow of that album as I have above.

While I’ve come to like Windows Live Photo Gallery far better than Google’s Picasa, I don’t like the ads or links to other people’s photos that are on Microsoft’s or Flickr’s photo sharing web sites.  Google’s on the other hand doesn’t try to draw your viewers to others’ photos, making the web a slightly safer place to those looking at your pictures.  So what I do to bring in the best of both worlds is I use Windows Live Photo Gallery for all my photo work, and then I just start Picasa long enough to upload the photos to the web and then keep using Photo Gallery.

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