10 Things I love About Luke

He’s compassionate – Maybe it was to make up for throwing a kitchen towel at me when I woke up that morning, or maybe he was just being nice, the other day, he got up from his nap and brought me a muffin to greet me from mine.  The next day he offered Andrew one, so I think he’s starting to think about the sharing thing. 

He’s observant – he notices the smallest things, from a little bug on the sidewalk to a helicopter far away…to a piece of junk on the carpet – Okay time to vacuum!  (I’m just glad that he’s graduated from tasting those small objects to handing them off to me.)

He’s brave – NO FEAR – and sometimes it would be nice if he had just a little.  He goes on the highest slide at the playground, and when he gets to the bottom he’ll turn around and just walk on up.  He’ll balance on top of a high wall, I mean, it’s amazing we haven’t had any injuries yet.  Oh, and the next one goes with this….

He’s tough – the nurse at the pediatrician said she’d never had anyone smile after getting a shot – well, that’s Luke for you.  That kid has a high pain threshold – he didn’t get that from his mother!

He loves animals – especially the ones with tails.  Everything from the meowing, barking, chirping kind, to the ones you cuddle up with at night – some of those have tails but they are the “taggie” kind.  He just loves being followed by a cat, or dancing around with the little puppy next door – they really aren’t that different – two year olds and pets….

He likes to pretend – his favorite “friend” is a soft toy of Eeyore.  He’ll make Eeyore fold arms for prayers, he shares his potty treats with him – and he’ll wait a while before discretely eating them for him – and sometimes he even joins in ring-a-round-the rosie or helps Luke build a tower.

He’s polite – He’s figured out that mom has a harder time declining his requests if he asks nicely, and he is very good at saying thank you…next goal:teaching him that it’s best to not fill your mouth to maximum capacity 🙂

He’s a great eater – I know that if Luke is not too interested in what I made for dinner, I can always default to tomatoes, frozen peas or green beans, or fruit.  He even likes raw broccoli!

He such a boy! So although he’s not big on meat and potatoes (see previous trait) he loves anything with wheels and/or an engine.  He’ gets so sad if I go out in the car and we pass by the freeway onramp, because it means he won’t see any big rigs, or buses.  He absolutely LOVES dirt, oh, and girls.  We were at a concert a while back and in the silence of the audience he calls out “GIRL!” when he noticed the orchestra consisting of several young girls.  Everywhere we go, we hear, “bus!” “truck!” or “girl!”

He loves books – He just started saying “book” and “read.”  Several times a day I’ll sit down and read to him.  He gets really excited when he can fill in the words he knows to a story he’s heard many times before.  In fact, to get him to stay on the potty when we were training I would read him book after book after book – he’ll still reach for the Reader’s Digest sometimes when he thinks he’s going to be a while in the “little room.”

I wanted to write this post because lately Luke has been very good, but also very good at being two.  I have moments when I have so much more respect for anyone who has done battle with the will of a two year old.  They are such little people with such big wills, but also big hearts.  As I wrote this list it helped me recall all the reasons why I just love that kid, and you know, no matter how many tantrums he has or how many times I have to say no – I ALWAYS will.

3 Responses to “10 Things I love About Luke”

  • Mitch says:

    That's a great list; thanks for sharing. I could just see him doing so many of the things you describe; and almost always in my fantasy he had that beautiful smile that creeps onto his face.

  • Sarah says:

    My favorites were: discretely eating Eeyore's treats and his "girl!". he he Reminds me of the muppet, Animal. Good idea to write down the wonderful things. We all need to remember those far more often.

  • Andy says:

    What a cute little boy! I loved reading about him. I often think that kids are such hard work, but so worth it for things like you wrote about.