My Daddy

Today my Dad turns 60 and so I was thinking of the things that he has taught me in the 27 years of those 60 that I have been around.  Some of them are funny, some of them are serious, but all of them are important.  I love my dad, and I don’t know exactly all the reasons, but I love him, and I will keep on loving him over and over….

  • When possible, buy in BULK – and while we’re on the subject of money, don’t miss an opportunity to earn points, cashback, or a discount (it is probably those genes that give me a thrill whenever I use a coupon).
  • Take care of other people’s stuff.  Return stuff you borrow in the same or better condition than when you borrowed it.  My dad told me recently that if you can’t afford to part with something, you shouldn’t lend it out, that way if you don’t get it back it won’t hurt the relationship.  Having said that though, my dad is incredibly generous with the stuff he lends people.
  • READ – my dad LOVES books, he’s always reading something, either history related or Gospel related.  He loves to learn.
  • Be honest – I’m a horrible liar and maybe it’s because I didn’t get a whole lot of practice growing up.  I just couldn’t lie to my dad, mostly because I knew it was one of the rare times when my dad would use the word “hate.”  He “hates” dishonesty.
  • Help little old ladies – it is quite common for my dad to see older ladies and run over to lend them a hand.  I only hope that he will keep doing that even when he feels old himself – don’t worry dad, you’ve got lots of good years left 😉
  • Zurbits always help you feel better – they just do, ‘nough said.
  • If you feel the urge, BURST into song – and use signposts you pass as inspiration! – I remember many a family trip when we would sing along to some song like “all the people on the left?  A wam bam boogie!  All the people on the right?  A boogaloo!” For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about I pity you :)  (I think it might be a song from the 50’s…or 60’s…or one of those eras when music was actually talent!)
  • Say please and thank you – Do you want something?  YES please, or NO thankyou.  None of this “sure” nonsense :) 
  • Get a good parking spot.
  • Food is important – I was SO sad for my dad when he was diagnosed with diabetes because he LOVES good sweet stuff more than anyone else I know.  He never misses an opportunity to tell me what he had for breakfast, what he’s eating right now, and what mom made last night for dinner.  He just loves his food. 
  • If you can’t solve a problem, quit worrying about it – I think one of the reasons why my dad has always been a valued employee is that he is VERY good at solving problems.  And those that he can’t solve, he doesn’t worry about, well, at least he doesn’t let on that he’s worrying about them.
  • Avoid throwing up for as long as you can 🙂 Then again, give dad as much notice as possible if you need him to pull over….
  • Do your family history – my dad teaches this one by example, he is a great historian and has really worked hard to make sure that his ancestors are found, accounted for, and that they have their temple work done.  What’s nice is I know he loves it and that it’s important to him, but he doesn’t get on a “family history soapbox” 🙂
  • See the world!  I loved hearing all about the places my dad would go on business because while he was there he would go off and see what there was to see.  He always brought home a nic-nak or two.  And then of course I would ask him to tell me about all the different meals he had.

He makes great biltong, does an awesome barbecue, and gives wonderful hugs.  Our son, Luke has the second name Mitchell after my dad.  I love that name and I love who it comes from.  In a week I get to take the two kids back to visit the Mackrory grandparents and we are all SO excited.  It’s going to be really fun.

My wish for my dad is that he can find a way to retire soon.  He would really like to retire and pretty much the main reason he can’t is because he and my mom have started over 3 times in their life together to give their kids a better future in a new country.  Thanks to both of you, and to my dad for working so very hard so Mom could stay home with us.  I owe so much of who I am and what I have to you!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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