Falling for this time of year…

Fall has come to mean everything from foggy mornings and blue sky afternoons, crunching leaves in the park, to baking gingerbread men and picking the perfect pumpkin.  I’m completely falling for Fall. 

Since Andrew has been the recipient of several comments that he looks “really tired” at work, he took the day off recently and we all went up to The Farm in Snohomish for a day of picking pumpkins and getting in touch with our farmyard selves.  The kids just loved the baby pigs, the hay maze, and the old tractor.  Luke wouldn’t go on the hayride for anybody, but had a great time with the wheel barrows and it was very sweet to see the kids faces as they petted a tiny kitten and a big highland cow!  It was fun to watch the kids coming down the slide in the old red barn only to go flying off the end as Luke did or to watch Emily’s very lady like plop on the hay as she reached the bottom clutching her daddy’s hand.  It all added up to two “really tired” kiddos falling fast asleep on the way home – hooooray!

A few days before, Luke and I got the urge to make Gingerbread men.  Since it seems all my friends and sisters in law are either pregnant or just had babies, I thought it was the least I could do, you know, because I’m all about multiplying and replenishing, even if for me right now that’s just the cookie jar.  Luke is such a good helper – testing the dough every now and again to make sure it still tasted good, and making lots and lots of “gingerbread men babies” – his term, not mine.  Even though this was a first for me, they came out really well – super soft and just so yummy I may have to make more little babies in time for Santa’s visit (I know he would appreciate the gesture too).

Although I’m not a fan of the cold, I just love what it’s doing to the trees, and from my kitchen window, as the sun comes up behind the house, the trees across the street light up as if they are on fire – the reds, oranges, and yellows brighten my morning and remind me of how much our Creator appreciates beauty.

So even though I’m not looking forward to the icky mess that I’ll have to pull out of my pumpkin in the coming days or these chilly mornings, I am very quickly falling in love with the Season.

One Response to “Falling for this time of year…”

  • Rebecca says:

    Wow–two posts in two days! Love the pictures and the cookies look good! Your kitchen also looks alot bigger. You still need to post pictures of your house!!