Family Home Breakfast

Anyone who has tried to have Family Home Evening with toddlers knows that it is more like the “impossible dream” than a spiritual pick-me-up of family togetherness…  Andrew’s sister Rebecca recently shared with us a wonderful idea of having your spiritual lesson over breakfast when the kids are a little more spry.

Well, so far we’ve done it for 3 Mondays in a row and each of them has been such a sweet start to the week I only wish we’d discovered this wonder sooner.  I get up early…er..earlier….and make something special for breakfast, and then Andrew and I trade off teaching a little lesson including a picture and a song to go with it.  One morning I taught about the Creation and as I explained that Heavenly Father and Jesus made the animals and the flowers and trees and this beautiful world for us, Luke responded with “for me?” – yes Luke, He made it for you.  And you, and you, and you.  The kids both sat intently watching the picture of the creation and listening (over and over as requested) the song “My Heavenly Father Loves Me.”  I felt like I wanted to just capture that moment and hold onto it forever.  What an awesome responsibility and privilege to teach these sweet children about where they came from and about their God who is mindful of and has a plan for them. 

I love when I find something that really works especially when it makes my job as a parent more fulfilling, and this does.  Right, now that I’ve got that one figured out, what’s next?  Oh yes, trying to gently explain to Luke that we don’t say the sacrament prayer in lieu of a blessing on the food before dinner.  But you know, he meant well, and hey, he’s paying attention!

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