No Place Like Home

Some of you know we made some tough decisions recently and moved.  We are now in a bigger home, it sits on a 1/4 acre, which has been the greatest blessing, especially for our children.  Shortly after we moved in, our sweet neighbor from our previous address gave us a card, it said:

“Home is that precious place where your heart feels safe to live, love, grow….and simply just be.” 

It captured how we have felt in this new place.  For the longest time I felt almost like I was on vacation because I loved being home so much.  It wasn’t so much the extra bathroom or the space, but the feeling here.  I felt peaceful, safe, and calm.  It had been somewhat of a struggle for a long time before we decided to move.  And when we did, I found this place.  And the longer we live here I know it is where we’re supposed to be.  It’s a short (2 minute) walk to the Church – which for us is big since we try to get by with one car and that’s hard when Church is a bit of a drive when either one of you has to go early or stay late for responsibilities or the children surprise you with something Smile.  It is right across the street from the bus route that Andrew (just before I found this place) named his favorite one because it’s a straight shot – that means 20 minutes as opposed to the 45 minute we had previously (or longer than an hour if a bus was late).  He wants so much to be a good dad and spend time with the kids and this helps so much.  There’s also a park right across the street – a HUGE one – swings, slides, trees, sports fields!  So despite the jungle of weeds that continues to plague me, I have a very soft spot in my heart for this home because I truly believe it was meant for us.

I found some sparkly red shoes at Target just Emily’s size and couldn’t resist dressing her up as Dorothy from Wizard of Oz.  It worked because Luke was going to be a scarecrow) which he of course decided not to be right before we left to go the ward trunk or treat…  Anyway, Emily loved it, everyone telling her she looked so cute, and they were all handing her candy to boot!  We tried to help her with her basket when it got a little heavy and were told in no uncertain terms to keep our hands off!  Oh sure, she looks sweet but she knows how to put you in your place Smile

So there you have it.  There really is no place like home, no place at all! 

Credits go to Grandma Mackrory for helping to whip up the Dorothy dress the day of!

Halloween 021Halloween 024

I will take more interior pictures of the house when I get it tidy…and mail off all my Christmas stuff…and finally get to the bottom of my to-do-list…


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