What’s up with reserved parking for staff?

Why do teachers get reserved parking closest to the school, while students fight over open parking multiple blocks away from their classroom?  Who is working for who?

I often question the logic of having "staff parking" nearer to a building than customer/student parking.  The thinking for them, I suppose, is that staff are more important than customers/students.  Or maybe their political voice is stronger.  For whatever reason, staff and teachers typically get preferential treatment in parking to those who actually pay the bills of the establishment (the students and customers).  This seems mixed up anyway.

But now consider that a staff person will typically come once and leave once per day, staying the whole day and enjoying their short walk from car to building and back again exactly once per day.  A student/customer will typically stay for only an hour or so before leaving again, leaving their spot open to the next student/customer.  As often happens, many students may use the exact same parking spot in any given day.  So several students walk the long trek from car to building per day. 

Walkers enjoying a short walk: 1

Walkers forced to walk a great distance: many

This is economically unsound.  In your mind, swap the position of the staff and student parking.  Put the parking spot used by the staff member farther away and the student parking spot close to the building.  What do you have?  A system that benefits many more people:

Walkers enjoying a short walk: many

Walkers forced to walk a great distance: 1

Doesn’t that make more sense?  Leave a comment and let me know if you agree or disagree.

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