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Things That Go!

We set off on Saturday for a little outing to see the Kitsap Live Steamers in Port Orchard.  That meant that we either had to GO around the bottom of the Sound to the other side or take a ferry ride.  We opted for the latter since in our family, we just love “things that GO” and we like spending as little time as possible in the car with Sweet Emily (who doesn’t like being confined Smile).  We took in some great sights as we stood on the bow of the ferry.  Seals on a buoy, jelly fish, gigantic cruise ships at the Port of Seattle, countless sailing ships, and as we arrived in Bremerton, a Navy Ship Yard with several large aircraft carriers!  Wow.  It was beautiful.  I was so busy taking it all in I didn’t get any photographs…

After an hour ferry ride and a couple U turns later we found ourselves at the “depot” where these 1/8th scale steam and diesel engines give free rides to the public.  They are just like the real thing, very heavy, pulling cars loaded with about 20 people, and still getting about 7 mph.  We got a tour backstage with one of the club members and a ride at the beginning and end of our stay.  Luke was in heaven since he spends most of day playing with his train set, pretending his tricycle is a train and watching these guys on YouTube.  His favorite part was watching the “dingers” as the trains crossed the road into the parking lot.  Emily had fun at the playground and got a ride on something that GOES Ribbit Ribbit instead.

We topped our day off with a long car ride home in the hopes that our two very sleep deprived children would GO off to dream land.  Sometimes, despite the soft classical music and exhausting day, they’ll just take turns screaming, and you know… that’s just how it GOES.

Oh, and Emily can ride a tricycle now!  So she is GOing like never before!  My little baby’s not such a baby anymore…



The Beauty of Creating

I love to create!  I am my happiest when I am sewing, cooking (except on a Summer’s evening in my hot, hot kitchen), decorating, or cleaning.  I get so much joy out of making something better, cleaner, or more beautiful.  I would love to pass this love on to my children.  In the Spring, Luke and I planted some sunflower seeds, and in spite of the snails, they actually grew to be several feet tall and now to his great delight they are blooming!  Every day he comes running back inside insisting they are growing faster than the day before.  It is so fun to see the joy in his face!

Emily got her joy from making raspberry freezer jam.  I had hoped to wake up early Wednesday morning (6:15) and drive up north to pick them fresh off the farm.  Yeah…we were spotted later that day purchasing a flat from the farmer’s market…I refuse under any circumstances to wake sleeping children!!  Despite Emily’s persistence to “eat one more” we managed to make 7 delectable jars of sweet raspberry elixir.  Oh yeah, Summer in the Northwest of the best creations ever.  Tomorrow?  BLUEBERRIES!!!!


My children often create a “robot” from the laundry basket – here is a rare shot of the “tricycle riding robot” – I wish I had my children’s imagination.


Family Photo Shoot

Last weekend we had the privilege of having a family photo shoot courtesy of a wonderful new friend, Brittany, who also happens to be a very talented photographer.  The weather was gorgeous and might I add so were the subjects.  Good hair day all around – YEAH!  I just love the pictures of my sweet son giving me flowers, because that is one thing he does that I just cherish – and they always come with a kiss.  Little Emily had an attitude as big as her blue eyes but did comply for a few shots especially when lollipops were suggested. 

Full resolution photos (print quality) (if you don’t have access, email me)

For the Love of the Flag

This year’s Fourth we journeyed down to Portland to spend it with the Webbs as has been the tradition.  As the cousins are growing up, they are learning to play together.  They spent many hours riding around on bikes in the culdesac, and wrestling with sweet Uncle Andrew.  The weather obliged quite nicely, allowing us a trip to Lake Oswego, the farmer’s market, a trip to the firestation, and of course a Fourth of July celebration at the Church.  We decorated bikes, played old carnival games (Luke was really into the ring toss) and had the most amazing breakfast.  I just love watching those young boy Scouts saluting the flag as it rises to the top of the pole, and singing America the Beautiful.  Despite the politicians fighting and the movie stars breaking up, at the end of the day when hard working Americans get together, the heart of this country is still the same, and I love it.  God Bless America!


The Power of Hope

I taught my class of teen girls today at Church on the power of Hope.  It was based on a talk given by Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf who is a leader of the Church.  We talked about the danger in having hope or trusting in the things of this world and in what the world thinks of us.  “You’re not smart or pretty enough to do this or that”  “your lousy upbringing, or whatever circumstance are why you’ll never amount to much.”  It can be down right tough to go through the challenges of life without hope in something greater than ourselves.  Hope in the principles of the Gospel, and hope that our trials are for our good and can make us stronger rather than bitter, will get us through, and give us the strength to lift others.

This Youtube video sums it up as only he can in his wonderful German accent Smile

To read the full text of his talk, go here – it has a tear jerker story right at the beginning about his sweet mother during World War II.

Got Hope?  You’re gonna need it!

Good Ol’ Fashioned Heroes

We adventured down to Portland last weekend to spend the holiday with our Webb cousins (Andrew’s sister).  It was Saturday afternoon and we’d already been out in the crowds, with kids falling asleep in the car, soaking up the Summer sun that had finally graced us.  “Do you think we could get a tour at the fire station?” I asked.  I had been wanting to take Luke to the Fire Station for a tour but didn’t want to take him alone because I didn’t know if he would like it or be scared.  Well, with two other cousins around his age, I though this would be perfect.  Well, Rebecca made some calls and in 20 minutes we were off, walking about 2 blocks to get our personal tour.

It was so fun, and Luke just ate it up.  He probably talked more than the Fireman, telling him all about the trucks (this kid has studied).  He felt very comfortable hopping into the chief’s truck and announcing he was “going to the airport.”  Adorned with a badge and fire hat we left the station with one very happy little boy who announced more than once that he was going to be a Fireman when he grew up.  My mother heart was happy – mission accomplished.  The mission?  I don’t care if he’s a firefighter, but I do want him to dream, and believe he can live it.



And…it’s back, just a little different.

Some of you may have noticed that the music that once played on my blog suddenly disappeared, replaced perhaps by the dull hum of your computer, the irritating noises from your cubicle mate, or just the tapping of you chatting online while pretending to visit my blog Smile.  Well, I’ve decided to bring it back, only this time, each post will have a song link activated by simply clicking on the first few words of the post.  And some of the time, the song will go with the post.  How nice.  AND although I do not endorse any of the comments that may be associated with such music, at least we can enjoy some pleasant music to dance/read/type to, without the random beer commercials that began appearing with the last player.  So, enjoy.  The first one is actually on a updated post about Whidbey Island.  It’s a song I loved as a kid, and still do.  It’s definitely easier to dance when the music’s playing. 


Whidbey Island

As we got ready for the day on Saturday, we decided we needed more of an adventure than just staying home getting “stuff done” to which there seems to be an endless list.  So we packed up the snacks and the kids and headed for the ferry terminal north of us in Everett.  A ferry was just leaving, so while we waiting for the next one, we hopped out the car and went exploring.  We saw a train going by, said hi to a policeman and his bomb sniffer doggie (very cool) and even got to the pier just in time to see a man reel in a fish (woah, why are we going on the ferry – I’ve had about enough excitement for one day!).  Then it was time to drive onto the ferry, at which point we could get out and walk about.  It was so relaxing, and the only sad part was that I wondered why I had lived in Puget Sound for 5 years, and only now was taking a ferry!

We really had no idea what to do on Whidbey Island so we found a park which had an enormous playset and some slugs about twice the size of an adult thumb.  Eeeeewww.  There were lots of doggies, and slugs, and sweet children holding hands in the forest, and slugs.  And hey, it was a fun day.

When we got back to Mukilteo on the mainland we stopped for fish and chips by the lighthouse, and headed back home.  I think we should be spontaneous more often. 


Zoo Adventure

Since I can’t get my other camera’s memory card to fit into my computer’s little slot, which contain pictures for more exciting posts, I shall bore you with our little trip to the zoo.  Luke’s preschool class has an annual day at the zoo, the whole family can come and the kids can even take the school bus all the way there and back – Luke declined when he knew I would be driving too…Well, there must have been about 10 buses at least, and I was dreading it almost more so than if it had been raining since I do not like crowds, but, when we got in there it was really not bad at all.  I LOVE Woodland Park Zoo because even though it’s in the middle of Seattle, the animals have such nice enclosures, and more room that I’ve ever seen in a zoo – except for the meerkats who have an oversized fish tank…  Well, when the school buses finally left and we were left to explore the zoo at our own stroller’s pace, it was a good day.  It’s always cute to see how happy the kids get when they see the giraffe and the penguins.  As for the other animals, well, let’s just say the fake meerkat mound and the plastic cow were way more engaging.  I saw more kids lining up to see the tractor, the concrete dinosaur head, and other inanimate objects than any of the animals we actually PAID to see (well, the school district paid, so no matter).  We were so glad it didn’t rain.

My favorite pictures are of the kids milking the cow and Luke informing those older boys that this dinosaur is in fact “not real because dinosaurs are all dead.”  Poor preschool teacher had prepped the kids that they were not going to see dinosaurs because as we all know, zoos are for real animals – thanks a lot!


Those Things That Kept Me So Busy…

Here are some pictures of the bowties and skirts that I made for the wedding.  Originally I was thinking I would make Emily a skirt, then it  became a skirt for her and her cousin, then it was a skirt for me, oh and seven bowties for all the little boy cousins too…one of who objected to wearing green so it became eight (thankfully in the end he decided it was a good idea to match everyone else for the big day – and without any bribery – which is more than I can say for my own son!!)  Suddenly I was doing that and the table décor for the luncheon and it made me wonder what I would ever do with my time after the wedding – I’m so funny when I think like that!!

I found the tutorial for the little girl’s skirts here.  And the bowties, well, I called mother and we worked that out over the phone.  You can’t tell in this picture but the top of Emily’s skirt matches my own – gotta do matching outfits while she still doesn’t mind.  Thanks to a gorgeous green tie from the groom, our family looks quite nice, all matchy, matchy.  Emily looks a little concerned because she shares her name with the bride and was worried she was the one getting married.  Poor kid!