Happy Easter!

We were invited to an Easter Egg Hunt that should have been really fun, however since I’m still getting over a cold and it had been a long busy week, we just decided to stay home.  Well the weather was beautiful, so we painted eggs and watched the kids as they hunted around the garden looking for a trace of the Easter Bunny.

Luke would open each egg as he found it and check out the contents, only to close it back up and place it in his basket, I soon told him he could go ahead and enjoy.  Emily was dedicated to the cause and once she had a good collection, found a spot on the grass and began to scoff her little face.  It was fun as parents to watch them enjoy this part of the holiday.  Earlier in the day we spoke about the true meaning, and it was nice to know that Luke remembered parts of the Easter Story.

The most important part is that He Lives!  Happy Easter.

To fully enjoy this beautiful song of pure testimony, you may want to mute the background music of the blog at the bottom.

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