My garden

I just picked this gardening stuff right up, I mean I’m a natural. Just look at the dandelions my spot of Eden produces….that’s right, they’re Kirkland style!


When we came over to sign our contract with our landlord one of the things I wanted to make sure was that we could put up hanging baskets. The gables on the porch are perfect for them. And what do you know, there were hooks already there, just waiting. I was so excited to pick some up, and they make my heart happy every time I look out my window or come home. Now to plant some sunflower seeds…

IMG_4338_thumb[2]IMG_4339_thumb IMG_4340_thumb

These bulbs are a team effort – my landlord bought them, my mother planted them, I’m taking care of them, and the children get to stand on them Smile (oh and Emily gives the tulips little hugs by gently squeezing them with her fingertips…so cute.)


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