And…it’s back, just a little different.

Some of you may have noticed that the music that once played on my blog suddenly disappeared, replaced perhaps by the dull hum of your computer, the irritating noises from your cubicle mate, or just the tapping of you chatting online while pretending to visit my blog Smile.  Well, I’ve decided to bring it back, only this time, each post will have a song link activated by simply clicking on the first few words of the post.  And some of the time, the song will go with the post.  How nice.  AND although I do not endorse any of the comments that may be associated with such music, at least we can enjoy some pleasant music to dance/read/type to, without the random beer commercials that began appearing with the last player.  So, enjoy.  The first one is actually on a updated post about Whidbey Island.  It’s a song I loved as a kid, and still do.  It’s definitely easier to dance when the music’s playing. 


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