For the Love of the Flag

This year’s Fourth we journeyed down to Portland to spend it with the Webbs as has been the tradition.  As the cousins are growing up, they are learning to play together.  They spent many hours riding around on bikes in the culdesac, and wrestling with sweet Uncle Andrew.  The weather obliged quite nicely, allowing us a trip to Lake Oswego, the farmer’s market, a trip to the firestation, and of course a Fourth of July celebration at the Church.  We decorated bikes, played old carnival games (Luke was really into the ring toss) and had the most amazing breakfast.  I just love watching those young boy Scouts saluting the flag as it rises to the top of the pole, and singing America the Beautiful.  Despite the politicians fighting and the movie stars breaking up, at the end of the day when hard working Americans get together, the heart of this country is still the same, and I love it.  God Bless America!


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