The Beauty of Creating

I love to create!  I am my happiest when I am sewing, cooking (except on a Summer’s evening in my hot, hot kitchen), decorating, or cleaning.  I get so much joy out of making something better, cleaner, or more beautiful.  I would love to pass this love on to my children.  In the Spring, Luke and I planted some sunflower seeds, and in spite of the snails, they actually grew to be several feet tall and now to his great delight they are blooming!  Every day he comes running back inside insisting they are growing faster than the day before.  It is so fun to see the joy in his face!

Emily got her joy from making raspberry freezer jam.  I had hoped to wake up early Wednesday morning (6:15) and drive up north to pick them fresh off the farm.  Yeah…we were spotted later that day purchasing a flat from the farmer’s market…I refuse under any circumstances to wake sleeping children!!  Despite Emily’s persistence to “eat one more” we managed to make 7 delectable jars of sweet raspberry elixir.  Oh yeah, Summer in the Northwest of the best creations ever.  Tomorrow?  BLUEBERRIES!!!!


My children often create a “robot” from the laundry basket – here is a rare shot of the “tricycle riding robot” – I wish I had my children’s imagination.


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