The Power of Hope

I taught my class of teen girls today at Church on the power of Hope.  It was based on a talk given by Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf who is a leader of the Church.  We talked about the danger in having hope or trusting in the things of this world and in what the world thinks of us.  “You’re not smart or pretty enough to do this or that”  “your lousy upbringing, or whatever circumstance are why you’ll never amount to much.”  It can be down right tough to go through the challenges of life without hope in something greater than ourselves.  Hope in the principles of the Gospel, and hope that our trials are for our good and can make us stronger rather than bitter, will get us through, and give us the strength to lift others.

This Youtube video sums it up as only he can in his wonderful German accent Smile

To read the full text of his talk, go here – it has a tear jerker story right at the beginning about his sweet mother during World War II.

Got Hope?  You’re gonna need it!

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