Sobriety Awareness Week

We dedicate this week to those who do not partake of alcohol.

Cost to Society

How many millions of dollars per year to non-drinkers pay in taxes to support emergency and health services for people who do stupid things while under the influence. 


We encourage employers who control the budget for morale events to consider those of their employees who do not drink alcohol.  How many more morale events can be scheduled for the next fiscal year if alcohol were not served at these events?  Or perhaps other treats can be served as well so that non-drinkers won’t feel excluded.

It may be that drinkers would willingly give up the alcohol at morale events in exchange for more exciting events (buy out a movie theatre or visit an amusement park).

Drinking neighbors and coworkers

Those who drink may not realize how bad alcohol smells on their breath to a non-drinker.  Drinkers, take a step back when talking to your neighbor, please.  No, you don’t have to be stone drunk to have intoxicating breath. 🙂

2 Responses to “Sobriety Awareness Week”

  • Rebecca says:

    Interesting thoughts–so sad.

  • Nembeza says:

    Hi there,

    would like to let you know about a "World Sobriety Awareness Weekend" from the 4th to the 6th of December 09. We'll be setting a Guinness world record to draw attention to our cause as well as establishing a web site where people can add their voice to the cause. Check out the Christian Friendship Community for more details on this event.

    Please let us know via email about any other Christian organisations who would join us in helping to establish a permanent yearly awareness campaign. Would love to have people like yourselves on our side with this.

    Regards, Nembeza